Workshop: AI-assisted content creation and the future of marketing

    Walk away from this one-day workshop ready to 10x content production and exceed your 2023 growth goals.

    The impressive public debuts of OpenAI’s GPT-3, Dall-E 2, and ChatGPT signals a massive shift in how business leaders must approach copywriting, search, and online communication. The question is no longer whether these technologies will impact marketers—what matters now is who can harness it best.

    Today you can use affordable, AI-powered tools and modern marketing workflows to publish 10x faster, cut costs, and remove the bottlenecks that make your job stressful. As a marketing agency and content creators ourselves, we’ll give you a candid look at where your role as a marketing professional is headed and how to evolve while your competitors are still figuring it out.

    We’ll tailor this workshop to your business, with focused instruction that helps you do efficient SEO and competitor research, fine-tune your messaging, draft new content in minutes, and put together a content strategy you can use after you’ve completed the course. We’ll also unveil our framework for marketing in today’s data-driven, highly competitive landscape.

    1 Learn about the best tools for AI copywriting, automated sales and marketing workflows, and intelligent analytics.
    2 Get the best results from ChatGPT, Jasper, Chat AI, and others using your company's unique messaging.
    3 Experiment with specific prompts and techniques for AI-assisted blog posts, web copy, ad copy, and more.
    4 Conduct fast, efficient SEO and competitor research to strengthen your content strategy.
    5 Know when to hire freelancers, how to manage them, and how to avoid editing bottlenecks.
    6 Learn how to develop messaging, product positioning, and efficient workflows that make life easier.
    7 Discuss how AI will transform sales, partnerships, search, and other critical business functions.
    8 Integrate your AI content creation process into your marketing workflows and track performance from end to end.